Sharekkna team writes: What we read on social media affects us!

Sharekkna keeps the community informed. Corona times are the times the world has never witnessed that huge amount of information. Social media is showering human being with scientific information that most of them are very far from. Information about viruses when people do not even know the definition of a virus. Information about respiratory disease when people think that the only respiratory virus that exists is the flu. And they call it “grippe”. Information about PCR testing, when people only know that a blood test is a laboratory test.

When you read the engagement of the community on most of the posts on social media, you see how much they need a reliable source of information to know more and better. Contradictions, illogicalities, non-scientific hypotheses, paradoxes, and ambiguous data is spread all over the pages and spreads in communities. Regardless which continent, population, religion, race, ethnic groups, language, the recipients are reading the info and sharing it and the message is dispatched everywhere, without control or review.

There are no times ever that passed on earth where people were bombarded with a huge amount like the Corona Times. This is why people need reliable information to understand Corona and Covid-1. Building on ignorance with uncertainty and doubt makes it worse. How do we know that this new virus lives 10 days on the back of our shoes? How do we know that this is a biochemical war launched by China? How are we sure that the disease kills only the old people with diabetes? How do we make sure that there’s no need to disinfect the grocery bags?

By the way, disinfection will become the illness of the century. People are now obsessed with disinfectant agents. They are abusing products that they buy form the market without even knowing their ingredient. They spray things that they should not. They wash their food with things they should not. They are even bathing with things they should not. Cities, municipalities and metropolises are showering the streets with disinfectants without basic protection measures. I have really seen a municipality care spraying showers of bleach ia air and on whoever is standing in the way. But watch out dear municipality! Before killing the new virus, you need to give people the necessary PPE. You need to inform them that they have to cover their body. Disinfectants kill bacteria and virus but they also could kill human beings and animals in the streets. Bleach is poisonous even if we use it to wash the dishes. We can say that media is actually changing the way society perceives and responds to information. The many different responses to the COVID-19 pandemic proves it. Humans are taking spaces from other humans, and they are panic-buying if they see other people posting about their panic-buying. Worrying trends are observed. Obsessive Compulsive behaviors are heavily expressed. Unusual behaviors triggered by fear and anxiety are emerging. People are loading up on toilet rolls or hand sanitizers! Why? Because they are discussed on social media.

AWARENESS, AWARENESS and AWARENESS is the KEY. The correct type of awareness spread by specialists and reviewed by administrators of the pages is very important before spreading information to the community.

Sharekkna will keep helping in this. We will promote the tips and advices only by people who are specialists in the field where they work and where they have the experience. This is what makes us accountable and trustworthy. It’s all awareness worth sharing.

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